CERT Education
Education and training services offered by CERT are categorised in the field of Industry-Driven Programmes covering the core areas of Health Sciences, Engineering and Business IT; Certification & Training; General Training, including Work Readiness and Highway Maintenance Programs; and Corporate Training and Assessments.
The Industry Driven Programmes see CERT partner with key industry entities so that sponsored students undertake training specific to their fields, resulting in a highly qualified, industry-specific workforce.

Some examples of sponsored student programmes include:

Bachelor of Applied Science in Midwifery

The mission of the programme in Midwifery is to satisfy the needs of industry for graduates who are qualified in Midwifery and all areas of maternal-infant care. Graduates will have the vocational and technical competencies required by the relevant licensing body. Graduates will demonstrate essential relevant knowledge and skills to practice as Midwives within the Health sector facilities of the UAE.

Higher Diploma in Food Science and Technology

The mission of the Higher Diploma in Food Inspection programme is to prepare UAE nationals to be competent in all fields related to food inspection and contribute to Emiratisation of the workforce. The comprehensive package of training provided deals mainly with types of processed foods, their labeling, storage inspection methods in the field, sampling, laboratory analysis and interpretation of analytical results. Graduates from this programme will possess the linguistic ability, the technical skills and the intellectual leadership potential to make the fullest contribution in achieving food safety in the UAE. The Higher Diploma programme in Food Inspection pursues its mission through programme objectives aligned with the HCT Graduate Outcomes.

Higher Diploma in Information Technology

The programme will prepare students as Information Technologists with breadth in the core information technologies of programming, networking, database and web development. The programme will promote English communication, leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving so that graduates can work effectively as Information Technologists in an international environment with the adaptability to respond to opportunities in the rapidly evolving field of information and communication technologies.

Diploma in Food Inspection

The mission of the Diploma in Food Inspection programme is to prepare UAE nationals for careers as food inspectors and to be competent in all fields related to food inspection. The comprehensive education provided deals with food processing, food laws and regulations, food chemistry, microbiology and food safety and hygiene. 
Consistent with the HCT mission, this programme is structured to support and develop essential qualities of caring, accountability, a credible work ethic, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and effective interpersonal relationships. Additionally, graduates from this programme will possess the linguistic ability and the technical skills to become fully competent and professional food inspectors.

Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging programme is a four-year course of undergraduate study. This programme prepares BSc Medical Imaging graduates for employment as professional radiographers within the UAE healthcare environment. Students study a wide range of technical and clinical subjects to include radiographic anatomy and pathology, X-ray positioning and procedures, medical imaging technology and the core elements of the specialist medical imaging modalities to include computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), mammography and ultrasound (US). The programme places a strong emphasis on 'learning by doing' where students develop core medical imaging competencies through supervised clinical practice with real patients in real hospitals and clinics. On graduation, the employment opportunities for radiographers are varied and exciting ranging from Primary Health Care clinics to large multi-disciplinary general and specialist hospital units. The BSc Medical Imaging programme is internationally accredited by the Society and College of Radiographers United Kingdom (SCoR), providing both academic recognition and support for those students who wish to advance their education through postgraduate studies

Diploma in Electrical Technology

The Diploma in Electrical Technology is to prepare students for positions as technician in the industrial and electrical utility sectors. Graduates will be equipped with skills in power generation and distribution, electrical machines, electrical fault finding and computing.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Systems (Security and Forensics)

This major focuses on providing future graduates with multiple skills and a strong foundation in the field of information security. It provides technical and managerial skills for assessing risk, securing information assets, identifying and responding to attacks, conducting forensic investigation and recovering from incidents and disasters. The major prepares students to work as: requirement security specialists; security practitioners, managers & consultants; forensic investigators and IT auditors. Graduates will be able to work at all levels of Information Security, including policy, security system design, implementation and forensic investigation.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology (Applications Development)

This major is designed to produce graduates with the development skills required to create cutting edge applications on multiple platforms. The major offers knowledge and skills in current software development methodologies using state of the art tools. It integrates enterprise systems development, database technologies and mobile platforms. Graduates of this programme will be able to work as enterprise system developers, system architects, project managers, and mobile application developers.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Management

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) is a one-year bachelor degree completion for those students who have completed a relevant qualifying HCT Higher Diploma or equivalent. The BAS in Engineering Management is to prepare the students to perform effectively in a complex global environment by developing an understanding of management principles as they pertain to engineering endeavors, quality and ethics. Expertise to enrich and extend the application of management principles and the supervision of related technical activities and projects.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration

The generic Business Administration major allows students who do not wish to pursue a specific career pathway to select available courses from the eight specialised Business majors. This major provides the knowledge and skills needed to function in a general business administration environment and to perform general business related functions. It allows students to explore a number of different specialisations but does not provide an in-depth experience leading to a particular professional career.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology

The programme deals with the manipulation of energy through useful mechanical devices and the application of thermodynamics and heat transfer systems. The programme prepares students for positions as engineers with the knowledge, problem-solving ability, and managerial skills to enter careers in the design, installation, manufacturing, testing and maintenance of mechanical systems. Students will gain expertise in mechanical design, turbomachinary and process control.

Graduates will typically have strengths in the analysis, applied design, development and implementation of mechanical systems and processes.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering Technology

The programme covers the laws of chemistry, physics, and mathematics to change the structure of chemical substances and purify new substances that are created in the process. The programme prepares the students for positions as engineers with the technical and managerial skills necessary to enter careers in the design, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance of chemical processes. Students will gain strengths in heat and mass transfer in plants and process control design projects. Graduates typically have strengths in applied design, development and implementation of chemical engineering systems.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Electronic Engineering Technology

The programme focuses on the fields of telecommunications, instrumentation and control systems and data communications and networks. This programme prepares the students for positions as engineers with the technical and managerial skills necessary to enter careers in the design, application, installation and maintenance of electronic systems. Students gain strengths in digital and embedded systems, programming and system control. Graduates are well prepared for analysis, applied design, development and implementation of electronic systems.

HD/BAS in Business Administration: Human Resources Major

The mission of the Human Resources major is to provide the UAE business community with graduates possessing a solid grounding in the core areas of business combined with specialised knowledge in selected areas of human resources management. These graduates will be capable of functioning effectively in management or supervisory positions generally and within the human resources industry specifically.

Bachelor of Education in Career Advising and Career Counselling

The Bachelor of Education in Career Advising and Counselling programme will prepare Emiratis for work in schools, colleges and the private sector as career advisors and career counsellors. Through studying a combination of theoretical and practical courses, graduates will be equipped with the competencies required in the field of career development as outlined by international standards for career development practitioners.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Food Science and Technology

The mission of the Food Science and Technology Bachelor of Applied Science programme is to produce UAE nationals who are able to perform duties required by both Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) and the Programme Advisory Committee (PAC). 

Graduates will be equipped with skills such as food sampling techniques, food condemning procedures, developing food sampling plans, inspecting imported foods and preparing food inspection statistical reports.

HD/BAS in Information Technology Major: Information Systems Security

The mission of the Information Systems Security Major is to prepare students to recognise and combat information system threats and vulnerabilities. The ISS major plans to cultivate an appropriate knowledge of computer, network and web security that will increase the likelihood of the next generation of IT workers having the background needed to design and develop systems that are engineered to be reliable and secure. In addition to possessing state-of-the-art knowledge in the preservation of information assets, students will become experts in the identification of computer security vulnerabilities. Students will also understand forensic requirements needed to prove an attack occurred, identify its origin, assess the extent of the damage or loss of information, and design strategies that ensure data can be recovered.