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Military Training & Education

Military Training & Education

CERT focuses on improving the skills, knowledge and capabilities of service personnel so that they are trained, educated and prepared to deal with the challenges of today’s complex battlefields, whether on land, at sea or in the air.

Our primary focus is on providing today’s armed forces personnel with SMARTER lifelong skills and techniques.

The integration of advanced technologies (AI, Robotics, and smart weapons) into today’s complex combat systems, requires an ever-increasing aptitude and intelligence in our armed forces.

CERT’s Military Training & Education offerings include:

  • Technical Qualifications Training.
  • Bespoke Soft Skills & Leadership Training.
  • Bespoke English Language Programs & Assessments.
  • International and Locally-Certified Training Programs.
  • Access to Accredited Diploma, Higher Diploma & Bachelor’s Degree Programs.

21ST Century Military Leadership Training

21st Century Military Leadership Training

In order to meet the threat of an ever-increasing sophistication in enemy strategies and tactics, it is imperative that operational force leaders and personnel receive the highest quality leadership training that incorporates the latest Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs).

Asymmetric Warfare is the most likely impending threat that our forces will encounter. These threats pit an enemy’s strengths against a friendly force’s weaknesses; often utilizing unconventional approaches or technologies. 21st century modern warriors and leaders must possess adaptive leadership traits, built on a solid foundation of sound, shared organizational values, to counter these threats.

CERT’s understanding of the complex situations faced by service members on 21st century battlefields, gives us an edge in developing bespoke leadership training solutions that will enhance programs already in existence within the Armed Forces.

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

The Defense & Security sector is positioned to lead in the deployment of AI-powered battlefield operations.

CERT’s expertise in integrating global knowledge with localized strategic military and defense training, makes us a valuable partner in the implementation of AI-driven systems. Our team of specialists will work with your leadership and personnel to formulate the best strategic, operational and tactical training in these new technologies, including:

  • Machine Learning-enhanced target recognition systems for identification and forecasting enemy behavior in tactical missions.
  • Robotics and un-manned systems for applications in surveillance, reconnaissance, threat pattern prediction and data analytics.
  • Machine Learning-powered data analytics for Logistics, Transportation and Battlefield Healthcare.

Military Training & Education


The cyber threat environment in the Defense & Security operations require cyber security expertise, knowledge and skills in emerging technologies to protect networks, computer, programs and data from cyber attacks or cyber warfare. AR/VR technologies will enable military personnel to simulate and analyze maneuvers and battlefield missions integrating cyber defense tools.

CERT’s specialist team will prepare cadres of experts in cybersecurity and AR/VR armed with core skills, in the following specialty fields, that enhance the resiliency of the military cyber defense strategies:

  • Cyber security analysis, awareness and response plans, tools and techniques.
  • Implementation of cyber-secured data systems, technology-enabled surveillance and intrusion detection systems.
  • Immersive training with AR/VR technologies, simulating extreme environments where combat skills, teamwork and rapid actions are deployed with minimal risk in life and health for the trainees.
  • VR weaponry development aimed at improving shooting skills emulating real systems, which are portable and low cost.

21ST Century Military Leadership Training


CERT’s Language Programs are developed to reinforce success in key functions that require mastery of a foreign language, including:

  • Military communication - correspondence, intelligence reports, codes classifications, operational communications, verbal orders, presentations and procedures.
  • Military infrastructure, operations and equipment, logistics & transportation, accommodation, security, medical services.
  • Military and defense organization and ranks, including roles, branches, support units, staff structure and organization.

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