CERT has a strong focus on national human capital building, strengthening the local workforce and helping business and industry to grow. As a result, CERT is readying the population for the workplace by investing heavily in the development of human capital through its broad range of education and training programmes.

CERT's education & training clients include the largest public and private sector organisations in the region including the UAE Military, Abu Dhabi Police and the Presidential Court. In keeping with its missions CERT's programmes are industry-driven. That is, where a particular training or skill set is identified as necessary by industry, government or business, CERT will develop a tailor-made training course to meet those needs, ensuring the participants' resulting skills are ideally suited to their requirement.

As well as developing a highly skilled and trained workforce, CERT provides an opportunity for corporations to upgrade their existing employees' skill sets with additional and enhanced training and educational training throughout their careers, ensuring the long-term benefits of the corporations' investments. Courses range from one day through to five-year programmes, in subjects including languages, health sciences and environment, work readiness, entrepreneurship, management, engineering, IT, financial services and industry-customised corporate training.

CERT'S highly sought-after programmes are offered to both UAE nationals and expatriates. As the United Arab Emirates grows economically, technologically and socially so too do the demands to provide a highly skilled and qualified work force, which is capable of operating effectively in today's global business environment. Hence there is increasing demand by students and employers alike to facilitate studies of the most up-to-date, relevant and job-oriented courses.

To meet these demands, CERT has formed close links with a number of leading universities and tertiary institutions around the world, as well as with major corporations and entities in the UAE, to deliver the best possible, accredited programmes.

CERT also offers post-graduate programmes of the University of Strathclyde MBA and the Deakin University Master of Education, which feature the leading teachers and professors from these institutions. These programmes are open to national and expatriate students.