IT Solutions
Consulting & Integration

CERTSoft provides high quality consulting with innovative technology integration options at extremely competitive prices. Our team of consultants provides strategies that improve your business to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Depending on your focus to achieve greater performance, improve IT asset management or be better positioned for the future, we devise the most suitable strategy to suit your specific need. Our consulting group focuses on the following areas:

Business Consulting: Leverage IT to increase your business performance. Adopt best practices that increase your productivity, reduce risk, streamline processes and reduce cost.

Technology Consulting:
  • IT strategy
  • Product assessment and selection
  • Architecture design and optimisation
  • Performance improvement
  • Security management
  • IT management
  • Project management
  • Software Engineering Methodologies

Process Consulting:

  • Process Diagnosis
  • Improvement Areas Identification
  • Business process improvement

Quality Consulting:

  • Implementation of quality control and assurance
  • Implementation of CMM/CMMI processes

Integration: has become a key aspect for any technology selection and deployment. With the many technological applications required by enterprises it's become a challenging task integrating with existing and legacy systems. 

Our integration portfolio comprises the following areas: 

  • Enterprise content management
  • Enterprise information portal
  • Enterprise security
  • Migration and re-hosting
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Legacy to web migration
  • Network integration
  • Integration of software and hardware components
  • Business intelligence and data warehousing

Technology Services:

  • IT outsourcing
  • Application development and maintenance
  • Product procurement and supply management
  • Infrastructure management services
  • Enterprise application services
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • SCM (Supply chain management)
  • Independent testing and validation services
  • Project management

Technology Support Services:

CERTSoft becomes an extended partner of the IT departments of its clients through its services in: 

  • Help desk
  • Hardware maintenance and warranty
  • On-site software support
  • Install, move, add or change services
  • Operational support & server recovery
  • IT Human resource contracting
  • Call centre services


CERTSoft and our partners have successfully provided excellent training services. In 2003 alone, our partners provided over 15,000 student attended courses in one of our centers teaching popular IBM S/W and H/W products as well as the products of companies like Nortel, Cisco, Microsoft, Tivoli, Oracle, Lotus, SAP, Novel etc.

CERT Soft classes are taught by professional instructors. Only original course material, developed by leading course material publishers is used in the instruction.

CERT Soft and our partners currently provide over 200 different courses in various IT and Business domains.

Courses offered in our partner centres are the same courses offered in other international centres all over the world and are often adapted to meet the needs of the local customer.

Over many years, this distinguished education service has supported our customers in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for increased productivity, effectiveness and successful use of the new technology with increased employee confidence.