CERT Institute of Languages

Vision: To prepare our trainees to operate effectively in an international work environment with the ability to respond quickly to the many challenges of the information age.


CERT Institute of Languages operates a wide variety of courses which focus mainly on developing general English skills for the local working environment, as well as catering to the needs of trainees who are sent abroad to further their education.  We also offer English for Specific Purposed (ESP) where trainees from a variety of government and private organisations are given the opportunity to progress through six levels of English language from Beginners to Advanced. The upper level students aim to achieve an IELTS Academic module band from 4.5 to 6.

Our Courses: What we can do for the Trainees

Our courses follow professionally developed course outlines which are tailored to meet the very specific requirements of the sponsors. We promote a blended approach to learning where the use of computer-assisted learning complements more traditional classroom styles. The teachers use the most up to date teaching methods (focusing on a communicative approach to language acquisition and usage) in presenting learning materials. The aim is for a student-centred approach which encourages the trainees to take responsibility for their own learning. Trainees are also fortunate enough to study in a college with a state of the art library where they are taught how to make full use of the vast resources on offer to further their language acquisition. Upon completion of the programme the trainees are better equipped to operate effectively in an English speaking environment and to accept responsibility for their own learning and progress.

Programme Outline

In delivering our courses we adopt a communicative approach to language teaching, with an emphasis on literacy acquisition. In doing so, we integrate the fours skills of speaking, writing, listening and reading with additional inputs of grammar practice and English vocabulary building.

Level 1: A0/A1 - Beginner/False Beginner/Pre Breakthrough

Language learners are introduced to the basic forms of grammar and communication, focusing on everyday conversation on familiar topics such as personal information, family, interests and jobs. Although the emphasis is on speaking and listening, trainees are also introduced to reading skills and will start to produce coherent sentences on familiar topics.

Level 2: A1/A1+ - Elementary/Breakthrough

Trainees will give and respond to information on a variety of topics, such as personal data, work and daily life, commercial transactions, polite requests, describing experiences, making suggestions and offers, as well as discussing future intentions. Trainees will start to read and extract relevant information, give and take simple phone messages and write short messages and texts.

Level 3: A1+/A2+ - Upper Elementary/Pre Way stage

Trainees will start to identify and use language structures successfully through a variety of topics and skills. They will use a greater variety of tenses and question forms and use language for a greater range of functions such as making arrangements and reservations, planning events and describing intentions. Trainees will be introduced to a variety of text types and learn to identify greater detail in listening and reading. They will develop the ability to write several paragraphs and be introduced to specific work related writing requirements. 

Level 4: A2+/B1 - Pre Intermediate/Way stage

Trainees are starting to become independent users of the language and will start to use basic tense forms correctly. The course will build on fluency and trainees are introduced to more complex language structures. Trainees will be able to cope well in dealing with enquiries and complaints, as well as being faced with customer/client relations scenarios. Trainees will work with authentic texts, such as newspaper articles and work documents, using a greater variety of reading skills. They will give presentations and be introduced to report writing.

Level 5 and 6: B1/B2+ - Intermediate to Advanced/Independent Users

At this level the courses are designed to meet the specific requirements of the sponsors. The course depends on the direction the trainees will take in pursuing their profession and education.