CERT Teachers Training Centre
As part of its teacher training capabilities, CERT has established a number of entities and organizations to meet the growing need for specialised skills in a variety of fields. These include the following:

The CERT Teachers Training Centre, which is designed to implement a systematic approach to teacher training and development, and which has an emphasis on the courses and examinations of the University of Cambridge ESOL, a world leader in English language teacher training and certification.

The CERT Institute of Languages, which assists ranked servicemen and women and officers from the UAE Armed Forces ro improve their language skills. The Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults is the most widely accepted and respected initial qualification for teachers of English. The Cambridge Diploma course is open to experienced teachers of sufficiently high calibre and is renowned for its practical and theoretical range and depth. The Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test is suitable for teachers in all sectors. CERT is the first accredited test centre in the UAE and it also provides preparation courses for candidates who wish to enhance their chances of success.

CERT is looking to offer the Cambridge In-service Certificate for English Language Teachers in the Emirates. This course is quite similar to CELTA but  is designed for teachers currently in full-time employment. Another important aspect of CERT's general training responsibilities is the Work Readiness Programme which is designed to assist Nationals with varied educational achievements to secure job opportunities, primarily with the private sector. It provides training in basic skills in the subjects of English, Arabic, Computers, Mathematics and Workplace Skills.